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The Age of Kings in the land of Baristos has begun, the family of the Wolverine sits on the throne and the land is at peace. The noble houses engage in their tournaments and their intrigues, all under the watchful eye of the king. Although bandits roam the roads, wild men and nomads populate the Karnokian Wastes, the King’s Men make the roads safe. You are the men and women of Baristos, the people that can change the course of its history or thrive in obscurity. You may be knights or men-at-arms, cobblers, bandits, or one day control your own House.

This is a story in the spring of its life.


The game will be utilizing Warrior, Rogue & Mage a free source book. We will be using a variation in the book called Warrior, Rogue, & Scholar.

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