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The game starts in Dementlieu in Ravenloft. Hans Modenheim is Victor's 3rd cousin and has lived in Dementlieu all his life and is nothing like his famous cousin, being far more humane. He is also a wizard of no little power seeing magic as just another kind of science. He had started a detective agency 6 years ago and employs a decent number of detectives to hire out. He specializes in cases dealing with the supernatural. Hans acknowledges supernatural agents buts thinks of them as part of the natural world as he does magic. Your characters are among the detectives he hires out. This is less dangerous as it might sound since most Dark Lords don't care too much if you kill anyone outside their direct control
. The characters should be ECL 10. They will be built on 32 points and 32,000 GP which is more than average but you are well paid. The maximum you can spend on any one items is 8,000 GP. Outside domains that require them to maintain the atmospehre such as Falkovnia and Tempest the OR of all races is 0. For example an elf will likely be shot on sight as a witch in Tempest but treated like anyone else in Mordent. Any class in the PH, PH2 and any of the Complete series can be used.

This game has been going on four years but some people dropped out due to RL issues.

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