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Future Desperation

What you are about to see is property of the US Government, Do not share or Duplicate. Case File 32
"This was unexpected! I cant believe after such a long campaign, the democratic candidate would simply throw in the towel and concede."

"Well tom, with the numbers like they are - I feel it's a pretty clear cut victory regardless."

"Well you might be right Richard, but I never thought i'd live to see the day an independent party could win the white house."

"Im right there with you Tom, the democrats and the republicans are going to have to change their game plans for future presidential elections; What an upset!" The anchors continue to banter as in the background screen the new president elect waves to those attending his victory celebration.

"NOOOOOOoooooo!~" A frantic man screams charging onto the stage as secret service rush into position.

"Wait, what's that!?" The reporter states as the frantic man draws a concealed weapon and squeezes off a single round at the president. "The president has been shot! The gunman is in a standoff with the secret~" the man scrambles slightly and squeezes off another shot in desperation as the police and security gun him down. "the assailant is down! The secret service is evacuating the president as we speak," the reporter adds as the camera watches the agents kick the gun away and another checks the vitals of the individual in front of them. "We're getting reports that the gunman is dead, we'll bring you more as this story develops - back to you Tom."

"Wow, powerful stuff there Rich."
"Certainly is Tom, our hearts and prayers go out to President Elect~ Breaking news! We're returning to the scene with anchor man Chuck Winfrey, Chuck."

"Tom, no one knows what happening, but as you can see - the assailant is gone!"
"Gone Chuck?" Richard asks with a puzzled look on his face.
"That's right Richard, if we rewind the tape you'll see it clearly." As they rewind the feed the body of the assailant begins to almost evaporate.

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