The Scarlet Eclipse

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  • Created Oct 9 '10
  • Last Post Jun 25 '11 at 2:04am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Exalted

Game Description

Setting: This is an Exalted 2nd Edition game that will start several years after the Realm's empress has gone missing. Over the years the Wyld Hunt has slowly grown impotent, the great houses begin drawing power and resources, and the tension increases as it seems that the Scarlet Empress will never return again. Celestials begin to have more breathing room in the threshold and start to have more impact on Creation now acting and even clashing in the open. Around Creation severe threats loom and need immediate attention while others simmer.

This game will revolve around two separate circles that will begin exploring Creation as the gears of fate begin to move. Some of the plotlines will involve the return of the Scarlet Empress, other might involve the backgrounds of the character, and others might just be there because a storyteller is having a wild hair idea. One group will be starting in the North East and will largely explore these two regions, the other group will begin in the South West and will likewise explore that region.

Theme: Each character will hopefully bring new ideas and concepts to the game. That being said, one of the major stories that this game will draw upon culminate in events that will force the characters to dig deep down. Players should think a bit on how their characters feel about corruption, redemption, justice, punishment, and mercy. What do these words mean to them?

Character Creation: This will be a multi-part process that is aimed to help create solid and well thought characters. First start a thread in the "Character Concepts" section and then post a quick description of the character, what you want it to be, themes you want to explore ect. We will do our best to offer feedback to the concept to help you define and refine the character. Once we approve the concept we welcome you to open a thread in the 'Character Applications' section to post your character with; Stats, Background, Resources, Description and Appearance [image optional], and any other notes you need.

Any charm or artifact that is not from the core book or relevant splat should have a reference offering the book and page number. Any artifact not in a printed book/PDF needs to have the full text inside the application.

Ideally any background represented on the character sheet will have at least a brief description and history. While in most cases this is merely encouraged, backgrounds of four to five levels must have at least three to five paragraphs that touch on things such as description, history, and impact on the character. These are backgrounds that should have a huge impact on the character and might even define them in part. Example: The One Ring is a level five artifact carried by Frodo.

Dragon Blooded, Solars, Lunars, and Sidereal are allowed as are Abyssals which in concept and background can work within a circle of would be heroes. Characters will be created with the rules and guidelines from their appropriate splats with an additional 75 build points, one free combo of up to seven charms, and four free non-combat related specialties.

The following Merits and Flaws are allowed: Ambidextrous, Improved Resistance, Legendary Attribute, Pain Tolerance, Selective Conception, Carouser, Silver Tongue, Common Sense, Internal Compass, Prodigy, Paragon of [Virtue], True Love, Cache, Heirloom, Hidden Manse, Alternative Divination, Holy Mien, Legendary Breeding, Luck, Priest, Sorcery Focus, Special Sense. All flaws are allowed.

The following background traits from Manual of Exalted Powers: Infernals are allowed; Past Life, Savant, Spies. Dragon-Blood and Sidereal characters have access to Destiny from Scroll of the Monk.

The following martial arts styles are available to all: Solar Hero Style, Snake Style, Dark Messiah (Abyssal Hero) Style, Hungry Ghost Style, Lunar Hero Style, Infernal Monster (Infernal Hero) Style, Forceful Declaration (Valor) Style, Meditative Discussion (Temperance) Style, Relentless Persuasion (Conviction) Style, Victorious Concession (Compassion) Style, Mantis Style, Tiger Style, Ebon Shadow Style, Air Dragon Style, Earth Dragon Style, Fire Dragon Style, Water Dragon Style, Wood Dragon Style, Crane Style, Crystal Chameleon Style, Arms of the Unconquered Sun Style, White Reaper Style

The following martial arts styles are available to Sidereal:
Violet Bier of Sorrows (Sidereal Hero) Style, Charcoal March of Spiders Style, Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style, Citrine Poxes of Contagion Style, Sapphire Veil of Passion Style

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