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The nobleman sits at the round table and smiles at his motley quartet of recruits. To those who know him, their impressions vary. Some consider him a bit of a dandy, the spoiled son of a baron and politician who has been fed his entire life with a silver spoon. Others consider him a bard, a quick-witted and captivating academic who spins yarns of the wily world through his skilled storytelling and silver tongue. Others yet consider him a rake, a bit of a malcontent and a rabble-rouser who seems to always lead his associates into trouble. But all consider him an adventurer at heart.

"Thank you for accepting my invitation and coming," the nobleman says, his groomed goatee framing his pearly white smile. "I'm Sir Wilson Slade. But, please, you can drop the 'Sir' when addressing me."

Wilson reaches for his mug of ale and takes a gulp. Wiping his mouth, he continues, "I understand that you're all looking to stretch your legs and get an opportunity to adventure, maybe become heroes. Boy, do I have just the adventure for you."

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