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PrefaceIt is a dangerous time. Rumors of disappearances across the countryside, as well as attacks by unholy creatures, are spreading like wildfire. Despite how many men go forward to discover what is the cause, none return. And no more men can be spared.

This is why it has fallen to you. And not by choice. You stand before the king, your shackles keeping you stuck to the floor, and plenty of guards around you.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. No doubt, you are wondering why you have been brought before me. Well, I am here to offer you a deal. Help us, and we shall strike all record of your crimes from the books, giving you a full pardon. As well, we will set you up with either work, or a travel permit out of the kindom to do as you wish. You shall also have your possessions returned to you, no questions asked? Do you agree?"

Now, you travel to the town of Veraunt, fully understanding that you are getting no other support. You're expendable after all. The collars around your neck remind you of that.

This is a campaign set in a homebrew world. There will be many dangers, and not everything (or everyone) is as it seems. You trust nobody on your team, but this does not mean you will not work with them. The main reason for this; you are convicted criminals. Some of you are falsely imprisoned, some for speaking out against what they see as unjust laws. And some were right where they needed to be. One thing is constant though. This kingdom cannot afford to lose any more of it's men, so it's up to you. Not that you're trusted, of course. Around your neck is a powerful artifact designed to keep you in line. Any sign of escape, and boom! Any attempt to remove it will also cause a boom. Is this cliche? Yes. Do I really want to use these? Not really.

In creating your characters, you will need to think of a crime, real or imagined by a hard-line LN kingdom, that you have broken. Nothing like high treason, but enough to get you incarcerated. Use your imagination, ask me if you think something is hard enough. But do not share it with your fellow applicants. Keep it a secret to everyone but me and you.

Level: 5th. Starting XP is 11,000, 1,000 over the normal start. Yes, you may craft with this extra, or keep it as a leg-up.
Stats and HP: 7m5d6v2r1. Drop the lowest number, assign to taste, add a bit of salt, then bake for 10 minutes or until crisp. HP: Max at 1st level, roll twice at level up keeping the higher of the 2.
Flaws and Traits: Max of 1 each: if you take one, you must take the other, no exceptions.
Starting Gold: 9,000gp, spend no more than 4,000gp on 1 item (yes I know it's less than standard). If you are a crafter, you may not craft any item with a base price that exceeds the 4,000gp limit. Do not worry about standard mundane items; it is assumed that you will have them.
Accepted material: Core, all Completes, all Races of X, ToB and ToM, Unearthed Arcana, Eberron (no dragonmarks though), FR, Dungeonscape, Heroes of Horror, Drow of the Underdark, Dragonomicon, Spell Compendium and Magic Item compendium. No psionics or MoI (they don't fit in the world, I have nothing personally against either). Please mark which book and page anything comes from. Also, no homebrew, and Dragon is case by case.
Races: Any from PHB (including all racial variants in aforementioned books with an LA of either +0 or +1), as well as Aasimar, Tieflings, Changelings, Shifters, Catfolk, Goblins, Hobgoblins and Kobolds (the last 3 are Neutral, not evil, in this world.)
Alignment: I generally play this loose, and will allow most. 2 exceptions: Evil people: You're going to have to sell me. Like, really sell me. I can handle 'misguided person who commits evil crimes' types but 'BURN! BURN IT ALL!!!!' is right out. Lawful is also going to be tough, but not impossible. Again though, sell it to me. PM me if you want to play either alignment (or both I guess). Also just because you're prisoners doesn't mean you cannot be good; chaotic good might be rebels, or you could be wrongly imprisoned.

Other Rules: We'll be using Spell Points and Action Points found HERE and HERE respectively (So you start with 7). No Multiclass penalties apply. Also, when building characters, keep it reasonable. I appreciate a strong build, but I appreciate creativity in backstory and a willingness to share the spotlight power-wise more. This does not mean don't go powerful, just don't assume an uber-build will get you picked.

Post any questions you may have here. Applications and dice rolls are done in the forums. Good luck to everyone.

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