Bearers of the Handbasket

Game Description

This game will be a loyalist (at least at first...) Infernal game set five years prior to the start of canon: the Scarlet Empress has not yet vanished. The Yozis have just begun to set their schemes into motion. The PCs will be among the first Infernals in existence, and their early experiences will largely consist of the Yozis testing their newest servants before starting the Reclamation rolling in earnest.

Therefore, the game will focus heavily on Malfean politics at the beginning, and only after some time growing in the Demon City will the players get a chance to explore Creation. Expect roads made of living megapedes trapped in chains, trees of living brass, gold as the symbolic color of sleaze and prostitution, strife between the First Circle Citizens, warring demonic fiefdoms, intelligent artifacts, and at least one chance to rescue a princess from Octavian. Expect the Yozis to disagree and expect to have to take sides. Expect to be sent on ambassadorial missions to persuade the various powers of Hell who haven't already done so to join the reclamation. Expect puns so bad they literally cause strong men to bleed from the ears. Expect to be annoyed by your favorite Neomah courtesan being summoned into Creation RIGHT as you're starting to have fun. Expect a mad and twisted world where thousands will spontaneously march down the streets in musical revelry to celebrate Malfeas or the Ebon Dragon, and expect silence to equal death. And then, once you have become the masters of this new world, expect to go forth and share its glories with an unsuspecting Creation.

In this game, you will be playing the Bad Guys. Antiheroes are acceptable, but so are outright villains. Everybody should be capable of playing well with others, though: if you like eating babies and another PC is fond of kidnapping them and raising them to worship the Endless Desert...cooperate to make a baby-farm wherein the strong children are trained to feed the weak to their infernal masters, don't kill each other over it.

Players may choose to play: Infernals, Demon-Blooded, Heroic Mortals, or any variety of mortal or exalted Akuma. Please don't build for Paranoia Combat, as this game will include significant power disparities among the PCs and an Infernal or Celestial Akuma built for Paranoia Combat will render any weaker PCs obsolete. I'm looking for 6-12 players, each of whom will receive an individualized prologue to explore their backstory/exaltation/investiture/sacrifice of their free will/whatever, and to introduce them to the Demon City. If you're interested, please respond with a brief character backstory and the themes you're interested in exploring over the course of your character's story.

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