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"It is not the destination that is important, but the journey itself."

You awake slowly, the dream still strong in your mind, that image of the elderly man, his hand outstretched in suplication. The sensation of fear within him, the necessaity of haste. You shook it off, dressed, and went about your life, not concerning yourself about a strange dream. Until it happened again, and again. Each time the dream man promised more for your aid. More wealth, more prestige, the pick of the very best in servants, power. He wanted you. Not because of anything you had done, but what you could become. Not because of who you were, but what you could be. Not because you had something he wanted, but because you could have something he needed.

On that last night, the night before you decided to go, the dream was even more vivid than before, the need was real, the promise was true, the reward great. As you awoke once more the four line riddle that was spoken burns into your mind. Find this old man you would.

The first part of this campaign will be a number of solo adventures, answering the riddle that you dreamed about, and finding the old man. Once all the players have found him, it will become a more traditional party based game

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