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"Welcome to the Meat Grinder"

The War is still raging, The day of Mourning has not yet occurred, and in a fair outpost in Northern Karrnath, the people wait to die. An army is coming, an armour of rumours.... an army of Metal.... and this small group, 50 men, are all that hold this small, but important port town....


Crunch - You, the PCs, are the last defenders of Stomgth, in northern Karrnath. The last war is still raging, and warforged are as of yet, only a rumour...(they have fought, but most still believe they are horror stories told by survivors, and not real)

For that reason, Warforged are NOT acceptable as Player Characters.

Other then that, all classes and races are available. LA is ok, but there is no buyoff. you guys will level FAST, so you also might want to consider final builds. You might hit Lvl 20, but dont think that means you'll live. If you PC dies, you CAN make a new one... as I mentioned, there are 50 men stationed here, so the group will have 50 "lives" to use up. Experience is carried over, so you will start the next character at whatever level you died at. the 50 men are VOLUNTEERS, no one was ordered to stay, and many fled, however, now you are surrounded. escape is no longer an option, and even a lvl 20 wizard needs sleep.

Character Creation:

Starting Lvl; 12, Roll 4D6v1 ONCE. if you dont end up with a +1 overall bonus, you can use a 32 point buy.

Starting Gold is standard, spend it as you wish, the town provides food, water, beding, and such.

Almost all Wizard issued 3.5e books are allowed, please tell me where a class/feat comes from... and its most likely good.

99% of Templates are out. feel free to ask, just dont get your hopes up.

What I want to see in an application:

Why they Volunteered to stay (THIS IS IMPORTANT):
Anything else you want me to know/consider.

go nuts guys and gals, for some inspiration, listen to these tunes, you'll see where the games going:


March of Cambreadth

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