Firefly Shindig Sequel: Jamboree

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  • Created Oct 22 '10
  • Last Post Aug 14 '11 at 12:12pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Serenity

Game Description

Here's How It Is:

The crew of Serenity once again find themselves a quarter of an hour away from dropping through the atmo onto Persephone. They left their last job in a hurry with no cargo at Mal's insistence. They were briefed once they hit the black.
They've been given a secret job by Malcolm’s one time business partner Warrick Harrow (The gentleman with the sash who ‘seconded’ for Mal when Malcolm got in a duel in the episode “Shindig”.) Warrick has hired the crew for a very sensitive mission. His children have been abducted and he’s being forced to cede his title to Edward Marks-Chansu to get his children back.
Mal lays out the plan. It's simple.
The crew will split into two groups. The first is attending the ‘37th Annual Edward Marks-Chansu Winter Jamboree’ hosted by none other then the very most prominent Marks-Chansu family. Quite simply put, it is the gala of the winter season for the social elite of Persephone. It is up to Jayne, Zoe, Book, Wash and Simon to enter the party, make contact with a man with a golden wolf-headed cane. They are to give the Harrow Titles of Nobility to the cane bearing man, who will in turn hand over the children to the heroes.
Obviously the crew of Serenity have a trick or two up their own sleeves. While Simon, Jayne and Zoe focus on the man with the cane, Wash and Book are tasked with trying to find the kids before the drop is made and then letting the others into the closed off section of the house where they can save the kids without having to pay the ransom.
The second group - Mal, Inara, & Kaylee - is tasked with standing by and doing a quick pick up of kids and crew when needed, or just simply come to the rescue when the time and mission calls for it.
The mission is set.

Looking for:
Some serious RPers who like the 'Verse' more than the rules. The rules will be there just as a framework, and there will be occasions when rolls and such are needed, but only to give randomness variety to the game. In other words, this will be a "rules lite" game.
Really looking for a group of folk who'll play off each others characters, reacting to the situations with verbal "meat" instead of just a sentence or two. Most of all, looking to have a good game and good fun as I'll be RPing all the NPCs that cross your paths.

What's Needed and What's Not:

Need someone to play each of the Canon Characters, sort of. That being: Mal, Zoe, Jayne, Wash, Book, Inara, Kaylee, Simon, and maybe River.

All characters will be using the sheets provided in the Serenity RPG book. Nuff' said.

If you have played this module before, please, please don't apply as a player. It's very indepth and intuitive, so if you know what's going on ahead of time, I'll be able to tell and you'll be out. Again, Nuff' said.

How to Apply

Post your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of character, and a private Text to me of a favorite day and worst day for the character you want as your first choice. Keep in mind the timeline and what has and has not happened. Can use all Firefly episodes, but not Serenity Movie. All are still members of crew.
If... River is allowed as a PC, half of her posting roughly will be one on one - meaning between her and the GM/NPCs/her mind, etc.

What sources I have:
I only have the Serenity RPG book, so that's what we're using. There's plenty in there if you have an imagination and look deep enough.

What will be required and what Won't:
A sense of adventure and fun is required.

What won't be required is a gorram attitude towards the GM or your fellow players. So if you're diving in, remember you're playing a character. This doesn't give license to offend, as it will be assumed that everyone will be following "the code" as defined in the book. Yes, this means everyone is "good" at heart in some sense. Even Jane was in his own way...

I haven't seen these canon characters used here yet, but then again I've only been here less than a year (or somewhere abouts that time). So, this is for fun, not saying how he/she should/would have reacted. It's a game, see.

Once Players have been matched with characters, they each will be given inside info to let them begin posting. I.E., what Zoe, Jayne, etc, have prepared for this mission by what they have to do and what's available. Keeping this underwraps until game start.


Game Setting: Takes place after all episodes, except "Objects in Space".

Game will be governed using the Serenity RPG, cortex system, at the level of the characters.

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