Star Wars: Lady Luck

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 27 '10
  • Last Post Nov 10 '10 at 3:47pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars Saga

Game Description

Star Wars: Lady Luck is a Star Wars adventure centered around the crew of Lady Luck, a heavily modified YT-1300 Freighter and the Sector they inhabit, Sector Epimetheus. The game begins in 16 BBY, as such the Jedi Purge is still occurring in full force and while Jedi are rare and being hunted down rather quickly, they are still somewhat numerous.

Player characters start at level 8 and can take a prestige class if they so desire. For equipment they get an additional 5,000 credits to splurge on. You can play as a Jedi, but I will only allow one on the crew. Anymore and you might as well all be wearing signs that just read "Please shoot me Empire!" Also, while I expect alot of you to be would be nice to have a few none humans in the crew.

Whatever role you fill on the ship is up to you, though we do need a captain for this vessel and crew

Lady Luck stats will be determined by the crew, with you getting an extra 5 Emplacement points to the ten they already provide for you total on the ship; as well 25,000 credits to install new things on it.

Required books are the core Saga book, as well one or two you must have the Starships of the Galaxy supplement. I have no restrictions however, as I (sadly) own all of them. So feel free to use any book you want.

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