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  • Created Oct 29 '10
  • Last Post Aug 19 '11 at 9:39am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

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Heroes in Steampunk - After checking interest levels in the Game Planning thread I'm moving forward to GM a game that is centred around London of the 1880's. (See the guide below for more info). Similar to the NBC show "Heroes" the characters will slowly come to discover that they have abilities beyond normal people...and will be hunted because of them across the foggy streets of London by person or persons unknown. Any character idea will be considered but characters will have subtle abilities to start with which they will build over time.

Players and Application process - Ideally I would like six players. Applicants should register their intention to write a character and PM me their application so that the other characters are not aware of their abilities (If you choose a character with abilities - you don't have to). To save you time during the application process before you spend hours writing up the application sheet write me a one pager about your character. I would like to see references of other games in which you have played as part of your application. Brief background concept, tell me the ability you have now, and what you want that abilitiy to grow into in the fullness of time. I will let you know if that is what I am looking for before you go to the trouble of filling in the blanks, which you will do using the D20 Modern sheet here at Mythweavers and link to me.

I will initially run all the characters in separate threads and bring the characters together in the game over time. This is designed to keep the pace of the game relatively fast and avoid any players with the tendency to fizzle. Leveling and how that process will work in relation to your experience will be discussed once you have been accepted as a player.

System - I've decided to go with D20 Modern as the base system. Being open source there are enough resources around the place that you don't need the books as a player to get started. It also allows itself to be flexible enough for most character ideas I anticipate. I am familiar with the system but it's been some time since I GM'd a game using it, so I am not a rules genius. Accordingly the usual Caveats of games I GM applies, that is "If the rules don't fit what I'm trying to achieve in the story I will fudge it if I think it necessary and you will not complain." and "If you exploit the GM's unfamiliarity with a loophole in the rules system he will exploit his absolute mastery of the universe in which you are pissing to destroy you in a visually spectacular way. Please use the D20 Modern character sheet here at Mythweavers. If you need help with the d20 system you can find resources here http://www.d20resources.com/index.php and http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/msrd

I will run this advert until the 15th of November or until all places are filled, whichever comes first.

A Guide to Victorian London 1880 - 1900
General info

The Coin of the Realm

Price List of Common Items

Clothing Styles of the Day



The Law

The Underworld

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