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Your town Landrigard, barely sqeezes through the freezing winter and it is time to start getting the ground ready for this years planting. It has been hard for everyone since alot of the adults and young adults went to war over 3 years ago. The lands around you have been overtaken by orcs, goblins, hobgoblins and gnolls. Then (to one of you to start), one day your day changes when >>>>>>>>>>>>

Estimated Players: 5
Deadline: November 1st, Midnight U.S. Central time
Start of Adventure: November 3rd

Races: ONLY from PHB and ONLY these additions:

Hill Dwaves: Same as PHB
Deep Mountain Dwarves: Same as the PHB except +2 Con; -2 Dex; +1 Attack against Aberrations, not orcs and goblins

Wood Elves: Same as PHB
Golden Elves: Same as PHB except +2 Int, -2Con;
Deep Forest Elves: Same as PHB except +2 Str; +2 Dex; -2 Con; -2 Int; -2 Cha

Gnomes: Same as PHB

1/2-Elves: Same as PHB
Surface Drow (1/2 Drow): Same as 1/2 elves but with dusky skin and darkvision

Half-Orcs: Same as PHB

Halflings: Same as PHB

Classes and Prestiges: From PHB; DMG; Complete Series ONLY ((ok for ones who dont understand: Complete Adventurer, Complete Arcane, Complete Champion, Complete Divine, Complete Mage, Complete Scoundrel, Complete Warrior, NOT COMPLETE PYONICS

Starting level: 2nd

Starting Stats: 32 point buy (if you dont know how ask)

Starting health: 1st - full hitpoints, 2nd - roll + con

Starting Wealth: 1,000 gp

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