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Setting: A Land known as Nalia

Nalia is a somewhat small world. If you want a real-life comparison, it is about half the size of Earth. Water covers the largest majority of Nalia, but there are several areas where adapted trees have grown up and through the water. Leaving massive areas of revealed tree tops open to the public. Within these tree tops, the people have built cities and other forms of civilizations. Within these civilizations, living is rough but manageable, only lacking natural minerals such as Iron and Gold. Due to these lack in minerals, the planet has adapted a different form of economy as well. Small glass like items (similar to marbles) that are called Mino. A single Mino has the same value approximately as a gold piece, though is not accepted everywhere.

This game takes place in a county known as Moralden. The country of Moralden is by far the smallest of the countries across Nalia, but also is one of the more prosperous. It is a central trade hub. The reason? Most of the trees within the country are fruit trees that have adapted to the overflow of water. And it is also the only country that is able to develop the water purifiers and their parts that keep cities running. Without these, the cities across the planet would quickly succumb due to lack of clean water.

You and the other players, will begin the game in a city that took its name after the planet. It is called Ailan (reverse of the planet). Ailan controls Moralden's bloodline, the Severis Iron Mines. For the past two years, these mines had been well guarded, but lately, there have been reports of movement on other areas of the flatland (areas that are not flooded) where the mine is located. With this knowledge haunting him, the mayor has hired a squad of mercenaries (you and the other players) to go out to the flatlands and investigate what is going on and report back to the mayor.

Thank you for your courtesy and I hope you enjoy it.
--- raozspaz ---

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