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All of your team members were serving with one of the coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Each of you were involved in some way with "the problem" when the insurgent group Aswad Nu'man unleashed a biological agent that turned people into undead killing machines. The undead ("Zeds" as most soldiers called them after a popular novel at the time) were nasty flesh eating ghouls with pupil-less eyes and black blood. It was a night from hell that left very few survivors and more importantly no leaked news to the world, save for a few crackpot conspiracy sites.

Due to your outstanding service and discretion, you've been recruited into a multi-national strike force. Within 24 hours upon receiving your orders, you are locked, loaded and traveling on an American Blackhawk somewhere in the AFPAK headed towards a prison located the middle of absolute nowhere. The chemist Abdul Shahid, inventor of the Aswad Nu'man virus was being detained there until command lost all contact with the facility. SAT-INT is indicating one heat signature coming from inside that is believed to be Shahid. Your job is to extract Shahid as quickly and as possible. You will be fully briefed on the details when you are closer to the LZ. Should be an easy enough mission for a group of frakking new guys...

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