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Something is calling the dead back from the grave. You see yourself every day fighting your long passed family, your old war friends, your neighbours. Everything is pulling itself back from the dirty, worm infested, rotted corpses rise to attack the population.

A note arrives on your door step, recognising you as a true fighter of evil, it requests your aid. The rewards will be hefty, the authoritarian powers granted to you almost absolute.

You will herald as the Golden Sword. This mercenary group, constructed of priests, undead hunters and warriors must seek out the root cause of the evil befalling the land and put down the undead menace.

Do you dare?

Need to know:

Level 5
Books: SRD, Crystal Keep, Warblade from ToB, links from other sites, Core books 3.5 and below.
Suggestions: You'll want things that can hack the undead to pieces or outshine them. Rogues will be near useless here. As will swift hunters. Pack a punch or get packing.
Wealth: Standard wealth by level
Party: I need 4 brave souls to combat the undead menace
Application Method: Have a sheet ready when you apply. Let's not waste time. The first four REALLY decent sheets get in.
Roll method: Do this after you've completed your sheet but (4d6v1 x 6) in two blocks. Take the highest scoring block. If you don't like your results then 25 point buy.
Banned: The usual broken spells: Contigency, Dysjunction etc etc. Come on, you know why.

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