Underworld Justice

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  • Created Nov 3 '10
  • Last Post Dec 18 '10 at 5:47pm
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

The world isn't what you think it is.

It's closer to what you think than what most others do, though. Most people go through their lives with no clue of the forces that work around them. Sometimes they get caught up in it. It rarely ends well for them.

You got caught up in it, too. A while ago, you died. Maybe it was a car wreck. Maybe you were shot. Maybe you drowned, maybe you jumped, maybe, maybe, maybe...

The point is, you died. But you didn't stay dead. You took the offer that was made to you. The Other Guy came back with you. Now you're a Sin-Eater, and you can see past the veils that most people don't even know are there.

You know about the vampires and werewolves and strange fae things that haunt the edges of existence. More than that, though, you know about the ghosts. You know about the dead. And when the dead come back, you know how to make them return to the dirt. And you know about the Twilight Network, the Sin-Eaters' global communications medium of choice. You know the little newspaper articles to look for, the symbols and signs that tell you where to meet and when and why and what you should wear and whether or not you should come armed.

It's one of those messages that brought you to Seasons, Massachusetts. A dim little 'burg just outside of Boston. Some Sin-Eater there is in trouble. And the Bound protect their own...


What is this? This is a Geist: The Sin-Eaters game that I'm running.
Oh. Yeah.
So... can I apply? Are you over eighteen?
Er... why's that matter? Well, because I'm a big fan of role-playing.
...And? Well, in a game like Geist - heck, any World of Darkness game - the role-playing inevitably contains some mature elements. I'd prefer to be able to role-play them seriously rather than fading to black.
How "mature" are we talking, here? Nothing too bad; maybe some heavy swearing in spots, some horror imagery, and maybe some romance. In fact, I'm not even guaranteeing that it will ever get to that point. The point is that it might, depending on player actions, and I'd like to be able to carry it through if it does (unless it's the romance bit, 'cause that'd just be weird and I doubt anyone would enjoy it. That would fade to black). I just don't want to have to curb the story artificially because some players are young and innocent. If you're young and innocent, you shouldn't be playing World of Darkness. Go play some Savage Worlds. That's fun too.
Okay then. I'm over eighteen. Can I apply? Sure.
Er... no, I'm not. I lied. Thought so. Actually, being eighteen or older isn't necessary, as long as you can handle some darker or more mature situations.
What do you need in an application? Standard stuff. Character name, age, gender, appearance, personality summation, and backstory. The backstory is especially important, because my primary means of selecting players will be roleplaying skill. If your backstory is boring, or riddled with spelling and grammar errors, I'll probably ignore the rest of the app. Having a completed character sheet is a nice extra, but it isn't necessary.
All right, I've got a cool backstory. What else? Your geist, of course! This is a Geist game. I need to know about your geist.
What do you want to know? More than you might be accustomed to telling. I need a name, appearance, keystone, all the usual stuff. In addition, though, I need to know if this is a new geist or an old geist. Have they ever been Bound before? To whom? What about it do they remember? If they're still fairly young, do they remember who they used to be? Do they have any living relatives? What are its goals? What does it want to accomplish? How much does your geist know about the afterlife?
Why do you need to know all this? Ah, that'd be telling, now, wouldn't it? Suffice to say that it may or may not enter into the story at some point or another.
Okay, done. What now? Post your completed app here, in this thread. I'm looking for four or five Sin-Eaters for this game. There's no time limit on applications. The game will start when I've found suitable players, not before.
Posted. What do I do now? Sit back and hope I pick you. Good luck!

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