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  • Created Nov 3 '10
  • Last Post Dec 13 '10 at 7:03pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

"Keep Portland weird! Yeah, if only the city had problems with that. Boasting an incredibly high population of Satanists, as well as various other forms of "Occult" religion; Oregon has been known to house the odd lunatic. We're even tied for fourth highest meth using State in America. The Portland Police Major Crimes Unit, it's relatively new to our city; but in its ranks are some of the best and brightest young officers in this country. They'd have to be for all the weird they put up with, and so with a heavy heart I bring to you the reason I have called for this press conference..." Commissioner Sawyer Adams

The commissioner always had a funny way of making stories sound people friendly. Then again if people knew the real story behind what we do at MCU, they might challenge the ethics of the force in general. I make no qualms with it; my position is a necessary evil. If I didn't do my job, you wouldn't have a job, or a city, hell you wouldn't even have a world. Shit I deal with on the day to day makes your life seem insignificant, mine too. And it's not the suicide cults, or the serial killers and rapists walking the streets. Or even the homeless people who go berserk and throw light rail cars in drug induced rages. That's all normal city crime. I'm talking Cthulu summonings in suburban basements. Virgin sacrifices in Pioneer Square! Portland is a weird city, and it a'int a good kind of weird. I'm Lieutenant James Killoran, Major Crimes Unit; my job as civilian law enforcement rarely stays legal, but I'm saving the world.

Portland Oregon in our world is one of the most interesting cities, boasting hundreds of different subcultures in just as many blocks. With its diversity it's not small wonder this idea of a darker Portland has been gnawing at my mind. In this game we take an alternate universe, one in which the Weirdness that defines Portland takes on a dark and fantastic face. A Police force of bent cops and vendettas, organized crime, anarchy, Occultism, even otherworld phenomena is common place in this setting. A world where your investigators may well be both Homicide detectives, in addition to an active role on SERT.

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