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OK this is my first game as a DM online. And my third or forth at all, as such it may have some issues but hey I need to learn somehow. Anyway here goes:

The world is called Krat, a place full of magic, were the core of the planet itself actually created and maintained magic through not only the planet but it's 3 moons. A weird magician, and original creator of most of the more powerful magical items was working on a new experiment in his tower. No one is sure what exactly he was trying to do, heck he hadn't actually come out of his tower for years. But the result was seen all over as the magic of the world collapsed in on itself, making anti magic fields spring up all over the world. This starting the planet itself to begin eating away at it's own magic, soon the world will end and every lifeforms on it will be destroyed unless something can be done.

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