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Something strange has happened. The last thing you remember, you had gone into the hospital to donate blood. They stuck a needle in your arm and -

And -

...and what? After that, there's nothing. Did they drug you or something? How long were you out? Where are you now?

Lying on a cold metal table in a strange white one-piece outfit, that's where. Maybe they did drug you, and now you're in their lab, and they're going to come in any minute now and start sticking more needles in you.

Hold on, though. You're not strapped down.

You sit up and look around blearily. You're not the only one in here. There's a couple other tables beside yours. Other people are sitting up, noticing their surroundings, looking just as confused as you do.

Then, as one, you all notice the door. There's no handle or knob. It's just a metal slab in a metal wall with a little button next to it. But it's got something written on it in red spray paint:



This is "A Eulogy for Socrates", an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game set in... well... I'm not going to tell you. As you can see from the intro above, discovering where you are and why you're there is as much a part of this game as fighting the zombies. The title's significance will become apparent in time as well. Don't worry, though; I'm not going to start quoting philosophy at you.

This is going to be a horror-style game. That means that things may get a little extreme at times, so if you don't want gore and language, don't join this game.

If you're interested in signing up, here's what you need to do:

- Create a Survivor or Norm character. This means that you have 20 points for Attributes, 15 points for Qualities (and up to 10 in Drawbacks), and 35 points for skills if you're a Survivor; you get 14, 5, and 30 if you're a Norm. Your characters should be from modern-day Chicago. You all went to donate blood during the latest blood drive and have no memory of what has happened since then. No Inspired characters, please, but if you want to play a Norm rather than a Survivor, I won't stop you (and kudos to taking the hard route).
- Post your character name, background, personality and description here. The only restriction on your background is that the last thing you remember is donating blood at a Chicago hospital.
- Wait to see if you're accepted.

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