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Game Information
  • Created Nov 8 '10
  • Last Post Jan 31 '11 at 7:40am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Nobilis

Game Description

“He does not command. Every organization he controls slowly sinks into corruption, degradation and foul spasms of interwoven hatred and glee. And so he works at one remove or they will become so livid with corruption that they will turn into another extension of his will and nothing more”

The Darkest Lord has retreated from his throne at the top of the world, his Powers have scattered throughout the World of Ash and the Chrysanthemum laying waste in their path in an unknown journey. The Council of Four lies hidden, distant and silent. Many look for answers, few find any.

Amidst the confusion rumors abound on the Society of Flowers. An old Imperator only known as Lord Summa has laid claim to the Code Fidelatis, the Locust Court and with it the Earth. The word is that he is much harsher than the Darkest Lord ever was if that is possible. And no crime goes unpunished on his watch not even the often ignored Windflower Law. Some see him as a beacon of law and hope, others as a opportunistic usurper seeking to gain power on the circumstances.

Tensions are on the rise, old treaties are in danger of dissolution, old grudges bear smoke and burn once more, the frail peace that had reigned in all the Nobilis of Earth since “The Fall” now wavers. Many now prophecise the end of times is at hand, while others predict the Children of Harumaph gather for the final assault . Many look to the council for direction yet none had uttered a word...until now, Lord Ha-Qadosch Berakhah with a grin has proclaimed to all those who were willing to listen:

“He who wields the Seal governs the Court, he who governs the Court rules the Earth”

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