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the year is 706 AD (after disaster), you see a disaster 706 years ago caused the worlds oceans and rivers to turn to steam causing the world to heat up and the land scape to change, if it was not stopped no drinkable water would be available and all life would die. The Disaster was solved by a Legendary group of adventures called the dragons flame, they found the cult that was causing this mess and dealt with it.

The main content of this planet is name Campota, The western section of the continent is rain-forest with a small but tall mountain range to its center and the eastern section is a desert, the southern area is mainly swamps, except around the desert. this continents sentient life was hit hard by the disaster and a couple diseases afterwords, and only 50% of humanoid life survived, while some creatures flourished (especially insects due to increased Oxygen in the atmosphere.)

Character creation, Lv 3, 60 point buy (yes i want a high powered game you are the most extraordinary of your whole village, town, city etc) or roll 5d6 and drop the 2 lowest. (picked before hand), you start with 1000 gold as well.

The following rules are in effect - Rules

Also i want to start this as quickly as possible, i have 2 party members i need 3 more first to apply will get the spots (apply means application with background and finished sheet ready to play). I will have the 2 that are already in post there applications.

This is my first online DM however i have run many live games.

feel free to ask questions and have fun.

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