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  • Created Nov 9 '10
  • Last Post Dec 9 '10 at 1:25am
  • Status Complete
  • System Shadowrun

Game Description

Joe's Autobody
Joe's Autobody is located in the slums. It's where chummers without SIN's can go to get their bikes fixed, or a car if they've managed to hang onto one this long.

Also, it's a good place to cut up a stolen vehicle if you're looking for that sort of thing.

Who's Joe? Nobody is sure, but that's what the sign said and the building was empty. Currently "Joe" is a tomboy, fairly good looking when she bothers to clean up the motor grease. She's a young human and it's said her dad is in "the business" so people leave her alone to run the place.

In the back the offices are cleared out and the walls are knocked down. A couple refrigerator's sit against the back wall with a line of desks as a bar. Office furniture is what they're using for bar stools. One patron is sleeping in his reclined office chair with a half-drank beer. They've rolled the chair into the corner. Frank is a fixture here.

Low magic Shadowrun game. Mages are 1 in a million. PC's are up and coming shadowrunners who haven't made a name for themselves yet. I'd like to keep the speed fast when possible, not 3 days between posts. Mission planning will take a chunk of the game.

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