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You awake to find yourself in the ruins of what once appears to be a great and mighty city, everything looks radically different than what you are used to. The architecture is vastly changed and somehow looks darker and yet at the same time more regal. Vines and ivy cokes along the ruined walled indicating it has been this way for quite sometime. You have no memory of how you have arrived here or if you are the only who is alive at all in this place. Suddenly you hear the sound of thunder cracking in the cloudy dark grey sky above you as you finally notice that it has been raining heavily ever sine you awoke moments ago. You are cold and soaked to the bone, a quick survey of your surroundings gives you the opportunity to spot a ruined building that appears to be indecent enough shape to serve as shelter till the storm passes. Quickly you make your way inside and take immediate survellience of the inside, it appears to be reasonably dry and safe, with no hint of animals or monsters taking up residence.

Further investigations give you the impression that this used to be someone's home at some point in time. There is a small destroyed fire pit and what appears to be a caved in living area that would've led to a second story. Something terrible must've happened a long time ago. A few minutes go by and you manage to find enough meager supplies to start a small fire to warm yourself and dry your clothes, as well as construct a small makeshift bedding to rest upon. You wait for the storm to pass as you watch your clothes dry slowly and yet it doesn't seem to let up. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours and still the storm continues, booming thunder and cracking bolts of lightning. However your clothes have dried, so you dress yourself to provide further warmth to keep the chill away.

Your stomach growls as you realize you haven't eaten in a longtime. Looking around you can't seem to find anything edible or nourishing enough in the small broken down home. In order to find some food, your going to have to leave the safety and venture back out into the storm... Can you survive? Can you uncover how you got here? Will you discover what happened so long ago?

Welcome to the Kingdom of Eternal Rain, Narisune

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