Steel Titans

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Game Information
  • Created Nov 18 '10
  • Last Post Jan 31 '11 at 1:58pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

Location: A country known as Megalith. Given this name for the fact that they are leading developers in all weapon systems known to man. This country thrives off of the peace that its neighboring countries have granted it. And with this peace, it keeps both its massive supply of mines for resources running, as well as its numerous weapon factories. No one dared to attack the country, fearing the fact that it WAS the leading weapon manufacturer. Attacking it would require precision skill and that is something most countries didn't think they had.

After living off of peace for a little over two hundred years, a scouting party in Megalith spotted me from a neighboring country within its borders. At the same time, this neighboring country known as Almadar, spotted Megalith men sneaking into a high class research facility. Not even asking for answers, both countries immediately declared war upon each other, breaking through into each others land. Surprisingly enough though, Almadar lasted several years in the battle.

This battle continued for several months before something catastrophic happened. Both armies were struck hard and fast from somewhere they didn't even expect. Missile raids from the country Lieraden had decimated both armies. And their forces just marched right on through, facing little confrontation and nearly annihilating both armies.

During the time that they were both fighting Lieraden, it came to light that Lieraden had impersonated men from both countries and triggered the war between them. This news came hard to the leaders of both armies and that is when the truce between them was renewed and both countries tore straight through Lieraden's lines and created a supply route between each other. The focused as much as they could on defending this route while still protecting their own territories and this supply line quickly was named, Trail of Hope.

Both nations began transferring materials and research data between each other, trying to come up with some kind of weapon that could fight off this opposing threat. After another four months of holding off their combined enemy and countless failures, they had developed what they hoped to be the perfect weapon. A large steel mech. One that could sustain itself longer than any human ever could on the battlefield. As soon as they finished these prototypes, Megalith went on to develop more while Almadar began to recruit possible pilots.

As a player, you are one of these pilots. You must pass through the training course and then fight to protect the country you once lived in. Let nothing stand in your way, and flatten Lieraden to the ground.

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