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Background: You just spent four years in the Military in the service of the city of Greyhawk; no real battles went on in you time in. a minor skirmish here and there along the Iuz boarder to where you helped you allies and friends from the country of Furyondy. You all are about to leave the Barrackes in the Capital city of Furyondy, Chendi; when there is a knock on the barracks door. "Who is it?" asked one of the other soldiers. "A messenger, milord," came a reply; "I have a package for a Priest named Sir Torek."

He receives a ring which sparks a vision of 6 red-robed Scarlet Brothers standing around 8 others, all on a cliff in the middle of a storm.

Verpoort and Maxim play 3-dragon, while Darion and Torek are on watch. Baal-Org sleeps like a baby.

1. Monk - Maxim
2. Barbarian - Baal-Og
3. Warlock - Julian
4. Cleric - Torek
5. Mage - Verpoort
6. Thief - Coruja

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