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  • Created Nov 23 '10
  • Last Post Feb 23 '11 at 2:35pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

Story Intro:

Everybody has heard of Team Rocket. They're the big bad guys running around causing trouble...and making it double. And everyone knows the PokeForce, the army of Jenny's that stand for truth and justice. But there's the odd whisper here and there that there's a third party in the works. What they're up to though, no one knows.

Your otherwise ordinary day was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a Pidgeotto. Wearing a messenger bag. With an emblem of a bird stitched in red embroidery on the front flap. How odd. Even stranger still, the Pidgeotto opened its bag, rummaged around for a bit, and pulled out an envelope. The envelope was promptly dropped in front of you, and then off the bird went, disappearing into the horizon.

The letter was addressed to you and stamped shut with a seal of the same bird emblem. The contents of the letter are fairly straightforward:

You have caught our interest and believe you would make a great addition to our team. Please report to the Pokemon Center in Celadon City for further instructions.

Very strange. However, mysterious people who send out personalized letters via Pidgeotto probably deserve some investigation.


Rules & Such:

For Reference: Game Planning Thread

We are using the PTA: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures system (found HERE). I'll most likely be making homebrew edits for balance along the way since it is a beta development.

FYI, I'm coming from more of the anime approach than the game. Pokemon are fairly intelligent (i.e. Pikachu/Meowth) and are definitely more than just fuzzy weapons.

Roleplaying vs. combat ratio will be in the vicinity of 65%/35%. I am also not a big fan of heavy min-maxing; character development comes first. There will not be a lot of trainer PC combat, so keep that in mind when creating your character. I also expect a decent amount of activity, please try to keep to 1post/day. If you feel you cannot do this fairly consistently, please do not apply. Since I am starting this game at beginning level, I'd like to progress somewhat quickly.

Starting Level: Trainer Level 0, 1 Starter Pokemon @ Lv. 5

Starter Pokemon Restrictions: No Legendary Pokemon. Pseudo-Legendary pokemon are restricted. If you want one, give me a good backstory to earn it. Single-stage pokemon are fine, but will be scaled to match at lower levels. Any other non-evolved pokemon from an evolutionary line will be automatically accepted.

Inventory: Pokedex, 6 Pokeballs, 2 Potions, 4000 PokeYen...and any personal items that would be reasonable.

Also, please include 6 pokemon that you would like to catch at some point. Do not order this by preference, since I will be using them randomly. :P

There will not be a MW sheet since there isn't one to fit this system yet. So for now, just type it out in a post. I will post up a Sample Character Sheet for you to follow.

An Excel sheet generator (made by ElementalKnight) can be found HERE to make the number crunching a little easier.

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