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The lake-port town of Coventon was a simple place. It mostly exported the coal and iron, that was mined further inland, across Sovereign Lake to fuel the Kingdom of Ravhanna. Catering to the needs of the various ships, drovers and laborers that insured things moved. As well as all the management that comes along with such things. Add to that the occasional traveler or specialist for hire and it is a kind of organized chaos, people and things always coming and going, but on a schedule.

Which is why the fact that the latest shipment of high iron form Dunkleglen being more than a week late is rather bothersome. On top of this it is said that an old man at the Tilted Crown Inn, is claiming to be Baron Talvingston, which is madness as everyone knows the Baron is in the prime of his life at 26.

Oddly enough the old man has sent out requests and notices for all who wish to lend either aid, or are willing to risk limb and life for coin, to join him after dusk for dinner. Free meal and drink, maybe a wild tale, where can the harm be in that?

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