Esteria - Tears of the Elders

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  • Created Dec 3 '10
  • Last Post Nov 14 '11 at 5:19pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description

Throughout the Ages the world of Esteria has known War, Famine, Disease, Hope, Peace, and Prosperity. These things permeate the lands in an uncontrollable mixture, some lasting centuries while others last only months. The only measurable certainty of an Age is that in time it will change. This story begins in a time when Hope, Peace, and Prosperity are only a shadow of their former selves. A time when the pain and memory of war is just slipping away into history and yet all too close and remembered at the same time.

For an entire Age and more, the lands knew peace. In this time the Kingdoms of Man grew, expanded, and prospered. Relations with the Elder Races, the Elves and Dwarves, were maintained with joy and friendship. The only violence was what could be considered of a petty, hardly worthy nature. The Human Expansion saw the race grow at a phenomenal rate, their cities and technology often rivaling that of the Elves for beauty and the Dwarves for complexity. But with greatness comes a certain ambition to be better. With great power, comes great responsibility. Unfortunately for the world, not all great men would heed this responsibility.

Expansion became unnecessary, but the chance at power was too hard to resist for some. It started with small things, border disputes amongst Human Kings and tension with the Elder races, who grew wary at the greedy nature of Humans. Reclusive but wise by nature, both the Elves and the Dwarves did not involve themselves in Human affairs. If the Humans wanted to fight each other, it was not their concern. But this was unacceptable for some Kings of Men. They believed as allies, Elves and Dwarves had a responsibility to offer aide. Tensions flared higher, until the greed of Humanity finally reached a breaking point. Envious of Elven lands and magic relics, King Darromar of the Kingdom of Dorad began a brutal military campaign against Elven settlements. The might of Dorad was immense, and the Elves were constantly pushed back deeper and deeper into their lands. All that halted the Human advance was a small alliance of Dwarven clans who knew they would be the next target, if the Humans were not halted. Coming to the aide of the the Elves, the Humans were held at bay for a decade.

War continued throughout the lands for a time, until slowly and almost imperceptibly it began to fade out. Borders had changed, alliances had been made and broken. The blood of the Elders had been spilled, but even it too stopped. It was not Peace, but in the ruins of the world it was a calmness that provided time to rebuild.

For ten years what could be called peace settled over the lands once again. The tensions never left, however. Dwarves became even more reclusive, hiding away in their Mountain Holds. Elves would never wholly trust humans again. In the hearts of those Elves who had been hit the hardest in the War of Elder Blood, the Snow Elves of the Northern Mountains, hatred of Humans was an emotion that burned deep. Though not all Snow Elves took their hatred to the extreme, Elitist bands specializing in the hunting of Humans remain an all to common threat in the North.

This game takes place ten years after the War of Elder Blood, a time when the common folk believe that peace has settled over the land and the pain and memories of war have been forgotten. Whether their beliefs are true or simply wishful thinking remains to be seen.

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