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200 years ago a vicious army of evil beasts and races band together to crush the kingdom of Tarkreed under the rule and command of a council of liches called the Crowns of Corruption. This army was successful for much of the war, destroying much of Tarkreed beneath it's shadows until a team of four heroes fought for good and light. They were the Fingers of Karkreed and they turned the tides of the war and saved Tarkreed. Post war they were worshipped as saviors and given all they asked. Years passed and the heroes as well. But their bloodlines live on an their legends with them. Take up the life of one of their descendants and the banner to great things.

At the end of the war the Crowns had been dispelled into the corners of the world and locked there from an ancient ritual performed by the Fingers. This ended the reign of the Dark and brought about a time of peace to Karkreed. Recent events and happenings have sparked rumors of a cult or full blown return of one or more of the Crowns. If these tales are true then the Crowns may be attaining methods to resurrect the whole council of evil to once again wage war on the righteous.

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