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The crown of King Solanari has been stolen from the Temple. You're mission will be to retrieve it.

What the game is:

You will be a group of 5. The top ranked in each of your chosen disciplines. You will be sent on an epic quest to get it back from the BBEG.

Character Details:

Starting lvl is 17.
Wealth is by level. (340 000gp) to be sent as you wish.
Dice are rolled 6m5D6v2r1 and placed as you see fit. (this is a pretty epic quest, and thus a good chance for high rolls. No re-rolls tho, unless you do epically bad, then ask.)

Acceptable books for Classes: Tome of Battle. (SPECIAL)

Yes, thats it. The concept for the game is that a Temple holding warrior monks was what was robbed. You are the top students in each discipline, and are going after the crown.

All players must select a tome class, and ONE disciple to be a master of. There will only be one exception, which i will detail in a moment.

Races: No LA is preferred if it has NO LA, consider it use-able. If it has an LA, run it by me, im willing to homebrew and work with people so they can play what they want.

The Exception:

All character have a "second side".... this is like Geshalt, but not equal. your PCs will have 5 lvls, to be used as you see fit.

This is basically their "background"... before joining the temple, were they a rogue? A paladin? or something else.

Feats: 1 feat per level. (Feats that say "Fighter lvl X" can be taken by anyone who has "fighter" as a "past class" at that level.)

The World: this is a home brew world, where magic is VERY RARE in its true form, but magic items are relatively common. (IE - finding a +1 sword, very likely. Finding a lvl20 Wizard.... next to impossible.

Still interested?

What I want to see:

Character Name:
Gender: If i have to explain this....
Class (ToB): This is the mix of classes from ToB that makes up your lvl17
Chosen Disciple: This is not restricted by class. if you want to be a Sword Sage Master of the Iron Heart... go ahead.
Class (Past): The class (or two, no more then two) that made up your life BEFORE joining the temple.

Background: This should explain WHY they joined the temple.
Appearance: Pictures are fine.
What makes you tick: why is your PC even here?

Apps will be open till I have 5-7 good ones. Only one person will be chosen for each discipline.

Any more questions, feel free to ask.

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