Harbor City: Reclamation

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Harbor City: Reclamation

This a DC Adventures game not MnM2e

A large screen LED TV flickers and comes to life. What you are watching is a news cast, shot no more than 24 hours ago. The news anchor is reporting on a recent clash between the Harbor City metro police department, the armed vigilante The Gray Haven Patriot, and members of the South Silver Port Syndicate.

“This is Douglas Walsh reporting to you live from 32nd Avenue and the Silver Port Interchange. Harbor City Metro PD and The Gray Haven Patriot have been engaged in a stalemate with the South Silver Port Syndicate. The Syndicate earlier today proclaimed an unofficial martial law in this part of the city. In an effort to maintain order, the Metro PD is attempting to push the South Silver Port Syndicate back beyond the 32nd Avenue divide. Right now, it appears that they have been making some progress, but it’s still very chaotic and it’s hard to tell if they can keep this up much longer. Oh wait, yeah, yeah I think I see him. There, over there. It’s the GH Patriot. He appears to be taking on the South City Firebug! This is intense!”

The camera pans away to see the GH Patriot and SC Firebug locked in a gun battle/flame throwing contest in a nearby alley. Fireballs and brief spurts of fire shot out and in around the alley. The cameraman bobbles the camera a block over to get a better view of the fight. It’s spectacular as the GH Patriot does not disappoint. He moves in and out of the Firebug’s ranged flamethrower to throw a few knives and get in some excruciatingly painful roundhouse kicks to Firebug’s face and torso. Very soon afterwards, the GH Patriot gets the upper hand and manages to beat the Firebug down. Out of breath and clearly defeated, the Firebug concedes, he’s had enough. Just when the GH Patriot is about to declare victory, he looses his brains in a quick pop and followed by a fine red mist. The GH Patriot has just shot in the head; the cameraman pans around looking for the sniper, he finds him. The reporter is completely distraught by this recent turn of events.

“From our vantage here, we can clearly make out the Silver Port assassin, Pinpoint, reloading his rifle. He has just killed the GH Patriot. I can’t believe my eyes. I repeat the GH Patriot is dead. I can see from here, something is going on. I can see the Metro PD has just been given the word; they are pulling back across the 32nd Avenue divide. This is a dark day indeed; the last of the Harbor City heroes has been murdered, gunned down in cold blood. The city has now officially lost control over the Silver Port district. At this point in time, my camera man and I are moving out with the police department. Silver Port has been lost.”

The last part of the footage shows Douglas and his cameraman running to take refuge in the retreating police force, when suddenly Douglas hears his cameraman let out blood curdling scream. Douglas turns and his facial expression says it all. In the reflection in Douglas’ eyes, you can see the cameraman engulfed in flame. He has just dropped the camera and started running, flailing wildly trying to douse the fire on his body, but to no avail. Soon he is consumed entirely by the flame, his body weakly to fight the inevitable doom. Soon, he stops moving and is just smoldering there in the street, much to the horror of Douglas Welsh. Before the audio cuts out, you can hear the maniacal cackling of the South City Firebug, who now taunts the charred body of the cameraman.

The TV set turns off. The man turns towards you; he has the look of man who’s had enough. He regards you and then speaks.

“We face dark days ahead, people. Criminals, super powered thugs have overrun Harbor City. As you know if Harbor City falls, then so will Port Summerset and after that Westhaven and before long, we will lose the east coast. The United States of America will not let that happen. We have a plan. YOU are the plan. The President has agreed to make concessions concerning the Vigilante Act of 2007, and give you full rights as deputized agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to arrest, apprehend, and contain by any means necessary this threat. From this day forward, you will be known as The Meta-Human Task Force, and without any doubt, you are going to Harbor City…to take it back. Do you have any questions?”

Character Framework:

Potential players are asked to submit characters for consideration, and the end of the submission period, characters will be evaluated and selected for the part. Please only one submission per player.

Characters will be starting out at Power Level 8.

In this world, true super-powered beings are rare. Players are asked to submit characters who have the descriptor ‘Tech’ and who rely on powered armor or gadgets for their abilities. As an example, such personas as Batman, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Empress, and Steel.

Players are encouraged to make characters that do well in a team environment, as the core competency of the campaign will be revolving around team work.

Currently, there are 4-5 slots open. Less than 4 will be considered if less than 4 players apply.

Character creation and the subsequent rules for the campaign will be taken directly from the Mutants and Masterminds ‘DC Adventures Handbook’. No other handbook, manual or campaign guide will be accepted.

Players, at all times, are encouraged to freely ask questions. No question is off limits, some maybe inappropriate, not off limits. Knowledge is power.

Please post your character submissions in this format:

Name: [Hero handle] Character Name

Concept: [Battle suit, Costumed Vigilante, Gadgeteer, etc, etc]

Brief Background: [How did you become a hero/vigilante?]

Why is the FBI considering/selecting you to be on this task-force?

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