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  • Created Jan 8 '11
  • Last Post Aug 14 '13 at 3:04am
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  • System Dark Heresy

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The Jericho Reach: Frontier World Ries Trooper Brennen walked back from town, cursing to himself. He had suffered the worst of luck today. He was newly transfered to the 3rd Riesguard Calvary Regiment out of training leaving his home continent of RiesNorta to the less developed continent of RiesEstra. This backwater barely had a real city to its name at all! Then there was the heat and the bugs. Then on his first liberty pass in months he gets robbed and is now forced to hump his way back to Ft. Shuster and report in late. He just new it was lashes and loss of pay at the very least. "I think I was robbed in town way before those damned thieves got to me." He thought. All around town was the talk of how unfair it was the Estra had to meet such a high tithe limit, the equal of the other 5 continents. These backwood hicks should be grateful that Norta bears the brunt of the tithe to the Emperor. "Norta is the source of real civilization after all, and by the God-Emperor do I miss it.""I mean no transportation available at all, Throne take this place." he thought. "I mean, what are they going to do other wise?" he chuckled to himself as he approached the base.
Just then an explosion ripped him off his feet as sections of the base near the orbital defense system exploded. He picked himself up and double timed it to the base to see a total riot in place as guardsmen beat or shot one another. He saw his barracks-mate Gassion and yelled for him only to see Gassion turn towards him, las rifle pointed towards his chest. "Are you with us or against us?" Gassion shouted. Shaking his head and trying to back away, Trooper Brennen felt a searing heat in his chest and a sense of falling without feeling, his eyes glazing over as the base burned.

To Serve is its Own Reward is a Dark Heresy and Deathwatchgame. I am looking for 6-8 players. Half of these will be Deathwatch Marines and the other half Throne Agents. These two teams will at times work together and separately from each other as the try to keep the world of Ries in the Emperor's Light. The Campaign will interweave but as always, everyone has their own agenda.

Number of players: 6-8
Books allowed:Deathwatch, Dark Heresy Core, Inquisitors Handbook, Dark Heresy Ascension, and the updated errata for any of the above books.

Character Creation Rules and guidelines:
Deathwatch players will build their marine per the standard rules, you have been newly inducted in the Deathwatch. All Space Marine equipment will only come from the Deathwatch book.
If you wish to design your own chapter I am good with that. Please submit it with your PC, however please make sure it is balanced and I may have you change things if you are selected.

Throne Agents will start with 13,000 experience (rank 9) following the rules on starting on page 23 and follow those character creation rules. The only restriction is that no player character will be an Inquisitor. All gear will be acquired only from the Dark Heresy books and not the Deathwatch book. Throne Agents will begin play with one commissioned item based on Influence test. Please indicate this roll in the forum, roll once please. Regular hard cash will be five years at rank eight of your social class. For example a guardsmen at rank 8 =100gelt a month, 1200 for the year, 6k for five years. You may purchase items up to Rare availability without a check. This represents the decade plus of service you have spent. Specific of Very Rare availability will require a check. Please indicate what you want to try for next to your roll and go for it.
You work as trusted agents for Inquisitor Salina Delphi.

Other rules: I subscribe to the belief by both fluff and rulebooks that their is a difference between a bolter wielded by a space marine to those of non space marines so yes it is and should be more powerful. This is balanced out the the variety of equipment available to Throne Agents. I like to reflect the different aspects of the organizations and all of its craziness.
Please no more than one submission per person. If you want to be a marine for example, then give me that one sheet. I dont wish to see one person submit a sheet for both.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. This is a friendly game and anyone new to this are more than welcome.

I will explain in depth more how the crossing of paths will work to those selected.

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