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"Please, worthy heroes, will you help me find my son?"

Maybe the tearful appeal of this pretty, obviously noble human lady wouldn't have moved you. The large purse she offers, part of it actual metal coins, almost certainly does. In the wake of the overthrow of the Sorceror King of Tyr, the city has become a hothouse of opportunities. Whether this has drawn you here, or whether you have lived here all your life and decided to use those developments for a change of career, doesn't matter. Here's the first new change, the first day of the rest of your life, your way to glory. You hope. At least, your way to a lot more money than you have seen so far.

There's only one maggot in this shiny pot of gruel: This will lead you to a place as far removed from Tyr's new freedom as any on this dismal hunk of burning rock: Draj...

And even if you succeed, there's something about this that smells of trouble. Major trouble - but then, nobody ever got rich or famous by sitting with their feet in a cool pool of water nibbling sweatmeats. Better sharpen your weapon and just dive head forward into the unknown. To glory! Or just a damn lot of money. It's not like you are picky.

Burning Horizons is a campaign for D&D 4th Edition set on Athas, the campaign world of the Dark Sun setting. PC will be the usual mix of glory seekers, escaped slaves and damned idealists, looking for the main chance - and maybe in the course making a difference. The game starts in Tyr, but leads the PCs to blood soaked Draj and later probably all over the desert, as they get involved in progressively greater plots.

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