The Imperial Unification

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From the Line of Fire in the north, where dragons annually mark the point beyond which no human dare venture further, to the island fortress of Ys beyond the southern shores, your duty...your to unify the land beneath one banner: Yours. By stealth, by steel, and by magic, your goal is to make those who would call themselves 'king' kneel before you, or die.

You will not attempt this endeavor alone. Other heroes and other generals will aid you, each as driven by their dream as you. Perhaps you will even persuade a dragon ally or two, or the sorcerers and witches on the Isle of Mist. However, your allies (even other PCs) will only be steadfast for as long as your goals coincide.

Your efforts at leadership will start humbly, with a mere score of poorly-equipped novices out to make names for themselves. With work, and luck, they will turn into champions of your cause, and more will flock to your banner.

This is a low-magic, mid-level campaign.

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