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Staring into the dark liquid, her eyes flared with intensity as he continued to watch. The arcane script carved into the stone of the scrying pool began to glow slightly and the image of the outpost appeared as clearly as if he was standing there himself. He smirked to himself as he watched the protectors of the wood speak of there defenses and where they would be patrolling. He knew their numbers now, what weapons they had, and that the time to strike would be soon. Turning away from the scrying pool he headed through the cold obsidian door, down the green lit hallway and up a set of stairs. Two guards stood near it and he bowed slightly to them.

"I've new's for our Matron Verdaeth."

The guards moved to open the door then pushed them open, the large carving of a Javelin cracking with electricity on the door splitting open to reveal a lavish chamber lit with dull purple light. The male in the prescense of the Matron fell to the floor bowing low before her.

"I've the information you seek."

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