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  • Created Jan 18 '11
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A Fae Game.

You are the original beings before the tyranny of Shape came. You dance on the crests of the waves that are the Shinma. You are the Princes of Chaos marooned on the rocky shores of Creation. In short, you are the shaped Raksha, master storytellers of the Wyld that was once yours.

But those times of shapeless glory are long since over. The deep depths of the Wyld now belong to the hannya and Rakshastan is a place of refuge, where the Shapeless Children go to shape themselves and lament. But Creation, though harsh and full of dangers, is it's own reward. Some Fair Folk question the virtue of living as unshaped beasts in the Wyld, never tasting a human's first love or the addictive exhilaration that can only come from a brush with true death. Many of the Fae have never seen the True Chaos at all, having always lived in the twilight Wyld of Deep Chaos, Bordermarches and Middlemarches that make up the intermingling of Creation and Wyld.

In brief, there a growing number of raksha who feel that their brethren's crusades to destroy Creation is no fun. Fighting Creation is all very well and good but what would you do if you actually won?
The Player Characters are these Fae, those that have tasted the wonders of Creation and would like very much for it to stick around.

Come now, oh graceful storytelling princes. Let us play at the game of worlds and kings.


Players will be playing Raksha Nobles starting at chargen. All of them will be related in some way to The Chitinous Caravan, a freehold that functions as a marketplace in the Eastern Middlemarches where frequent Fae/Creation-born interaction takes place. The PC's may be locals, travelling traders or frequently visiting nobility.

It is the height of the trading season for the Chitinous Caravan, a city that is carved out of a massive immobile locust that was created from the Heart's Grace of an invading hannya. The PC's can be from nearly all viewpoints and ways of life and start off not knowing each other, but their investigations into the wrongness that they find will ultimately serve to bring them together.

We will be using the chargen rules from the current Scroll of Errata. Actually, we will be using ALL of the new raksha rules from the current Scroll of Errata. For those who don't have it, it is available free to download here:

Any questions can be directed via both forum and PMs.

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