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There are no longer records but everyone knows the story as everyone must. Ten generations ago, the world slid into the grasp of the devil himself. Lucifer, the king of lies, waged a war that scorched much of the earth and lade waist to the many kingdoms of humanity. All seemed lost as millions of souls were consumed by this madness. Those who god did not immediately rescue from Lucifer, were left to defend Tara from Satan's armies. Our ancestors who fought in this battle were thought to be abandoned, cast aside by god for their faithlessness, for their many sins. Regardless, they fought an unwindable battle, their backs to the kingdom of heaven, their only chance on last glorious charge.

For this last and most honorable effort, Merciful God did show pity and reward our ancestors. With the help of his angles, he lead the kingdoms of man to victory and permanently instilled his heavenly gates upon the Tara. Now, we, the simple people of Tara, live to be good and just by the laws of God. If we follow his plan, stay true to the path, head his every word, he will never again abandon us; this was his promise.

He now returns to us, through the Heavenly Gates, guides us and speaks to us, give our miserable lives meaning and lifts up our hope. To lead us and protect us, he has given us the gift of his angles. Servitor and Seraph. The Servitor guide our toils and the Seraph guide our faith.

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