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This is a homebrewed world that will develop with the players. There are several overarcing storylines, but individual stories will crop up throughout the game. There will a lot of different type of adventures with the group. Some city, some wilderness, and hopefully even some pirate. You'll be hired to go on missions ranging from "find this scrap of paper from said ruin" to "track down this member of the opposing force" to possibly even as silly as "save the princess". There may be times you have your choice between adventures. Do we "guard the caravan" or "be bodyguards for the state party"? Really, there's an overall story going on that you will be part of the background of and I have several definite tasks that the group will need to perform, but I want it open enough that if I get this sudden brainstorm on a great concept I can slot it in without too much difficulty.It is a time of portents and signs. The Great War looms on the horizon, and armies are amassing. For centuries, sages have watched the skies and read volumes of ancient tomes, preparing for the coming of the Hero. He is the one who will finally vanquish the darkness from the land, or accept it and lead it to swallow the land, depending on how one reads the prophecies. Despite the arguments about how the prophecy will come to pass, most agree that the time is fast approaching.

Once again, the Hero will walk the land, reborn. And you… you, my friend, are not that hero. In fact, the Hero won’t even know you exist. After all is said and done, legends and stories will live on for all time, and your name, if you are lucky, may actually be a footnote.

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