A New Day Dawns: Rise of the Superheros

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Recruiting untill the 30th of February
Modern day Superhero game set in the iron age style.
Teen age superhero.
Ultimate powers book recommended.
Power level 6
4 man team
It will not use the tabletop board.
its a slow recovery game

PG187 core rulebook

You are a teen in the blue bay area, California, USA. You are attending Roadkill high school. You are new to your powers and have never used them in public before now. You have heard of a few other superheros that have disappeared into the night and were never heard from again. Some say the government got to them. Others say that aliens came down and took them right off the streets. No one really know what happened to them. No on wants to talk about it.

Changes to the world
Its common for the government officials to be corrupt.
Blue bay area is in California 4 hours north of the LA area on the coast.

Warning. This is an older teen to adult style game. There will be death, gore, and some sexual content. Think PG movie pushing R.

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