And So, Dies the Fire

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It is march 17th at 6:15 PM, you were just thinking about getting some dinner, just out side you see the sun coming low over the horizon, just at that angle to be a nuisance. Then, with out warning it hits you, it is like a flash a white light that seems to burn into your brain. As quickly as it came, it is gone. You look around, the lights are out, your clock has stopped, the TV, the computer, all blank, is it a black out? You go out side to see if your neighbours electricity is off too. All the cars in the street have seemed to stalled, some making it the shoulder and some with enough energy left to slam into each other. It is then that you look up only to find a jet airliner falling fast, strangely it doesn't make as much noise as one would think from all the movies. It is then that the screams start and they donít seem to show any sign of stopping. Perhaps it was the sad fall of the airplane or just a feeling in your bones but you know the world has changed.

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