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I am seeking 4 players to play a short campaign, projected to last at least till the first week of March.

You are a member of an adventuring party from a prominent Adventurers' Guild under the leadership of several Heroes in the midst of an Apocalypse. But in the middle of an assigned mission, all of you are ambushed by a horde of demons. In this moment of certain doom, a blazing blue star in the starry sky seems to glow brighter, firing a beam of brilliant blue energy into the small open area where you and your party are fending off the onslaught killing all the demons in the vicinity and knocking all of you unconscious.

The events during which you blacked out are unknown, but behind your closed eyelids you seem to be swimming in a vista of blue energies in various shades and gradients. You feel pain prickling all over your body, as if you are swarmed by ants for a brief moment before feeling a surge of unfamiliar energy.

Waking up, you find yourselves at the bottom of the blasted crater with bluish ashes of the demons around you. It appears that the battle to save your world has failed, as the city containing the Hellsgate remains open but the troops, adventuring parties or even signs of your world's Champions are nowhere to be seen.

The growling sounds of ravenous fiends begin to issue in the near vicinity. Time to run, get your bearings, get out and find out what the hell went wrong.


Pathfinder for Core. Level 5. 25 point buy. No LA races unless you want to buy it off normally, which also means that you'll lag behind. No Incarnum races, you guys are artificially imbued with Incarnum powers, not already born receptive or possessing them.

Normal wealth appropriate for a level 5 character.

3.5 sources allowed. No Dragon Mags, I don't have them. ToB is therefore allowed.


Your character will have 2 virtual incarnum class levels. What this means is that you can choose one of the three incarnum classes and take all its class abilities, but do not add its HD, BAB, Saves and Skills to your build. This is Not-Gestalt.

In addition, please also keep a spare upgraded character build with you. A level 6 version of your character with 3 virtual levels of that chosen incarnum class. You will use that for your final encounter at the conclusion of this prologue campaign. Your wealth will still stay at 5th level, loot will be provided during the game.

1 bonus feat at 5th level in addition to your normal feats by level. 2 bonus [Incarnum] feats and 1 bonus [Incarnum] feat per virtual incarnum level (meaning your upgraded version of the character would have 3 [Incarnum] feats free total.) Since Pathfinder Core gives you a feat every odd level, it just means you get 1 more bonus feat on the house at 5th level.


1) All of you know each other and have been in the same adventuring party for years prior to joining a joint effort to save your world.
2) Be a team player
3) When you express your interest in the game, I would like to know what you are bringing to the table. Namely, race, build, alignment and role in a party. You can go ahead and use those Defender, Striker roles from 4E or take extra effort to elaborate your role in a party more. I would be picking from the pool of applicants to form a team.

I do apologise in advance if you are not selected. When I have more spare time, I will continue this campaign, adding in an extra player or two at that point would be considered.

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