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Game Information
  • Created Feb 10 '11
  • Last Post Apr 22 '11 at 6:34pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Centrus - Post-apocalyptic fantasy in a wasteland filled with death and opportunity.

This game is a homebrew campaign run off and on through many years. It has its own history and unique perspective. The setting is bleak and dangerous but the themes are positive as heroes travel about trying to make the world a better place.

The world of Centrus is one of an old man getting out of bed. Its been laying awake too long, wondering if it is just going to fade out in the night or try to bring itself out of the darkness for one last chance at living. Centrus is old, abused, worn out and has spent the last several centuries creeping towards death.

However, centuries ago things began changing. Ancient empires that had used up the land in intractable wars toppled, stagnant societies fell apart, the earth shook and opened up and destruction rained from the sky. But these events, normally the foreshadowing of the end, heralded the coming of a time of hope. The fire that rained from the sky heralded the return of the elves. The earthquakes that tore holes in the earth allowed the Dwarves to come to the surface. And the trials of old society brought forth a new generation of people who could make changes for the better and trade the shackles of oppression for the wings of freedom.

Core classes are acceptable, others negotiable. Special note below on Cleric and a full caster version of Monk

Special Weapons


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