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There was a time...

When monsters roamed the land freely, where the nation had need of great heroes and fantastic mages that flung spells and devastated entire cities. Thieves that crept as quietly as silence through the deadliest of caverns while priests who seemed to be the avatar of their god brought health to all.

Those times have passed. The last monster, the almighty Terrasque, was slain not 3 years ago today. The nations celebrated, a new reign of peace and happiness spread throughout the land. Each year a great festival is thrown in honour of the Terrasque Slayers, the band of heroes once formally known as The Platinum Wyrm. Each member went their own way, their abilities now no longer needed or, in some cases, even wanted.

It was only yesterday you thought that your abilities too were going to be left wanting, with no purpose or destination in sight for one such as yourself. However today... Today you received the letter.

Life changed.

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