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Terror by night! The Village of Orlane is dying. Once a small and thriving community, Orlane has become a maze of locked doors and frightened faces. Strangers are shunned, trade has withered. Rumors flourish, growing wilder with each retelling. Terrified peasants flee their homes, abandoning their farms with no explanation. Others simply disappear. No one seems to know the cause of the decay why are there no clues? Who skulks through the twisted shadows of the night? Who or what is behind the doom that has overtaken the village? An excerpt from a Tale told by a nameless bard in the city of Hochoch

The border between Gran March and the Kingdom of Keoland has been a peaceful one for many years. In the western section of this frontier, the stagnant bogs and slime-coated pools of the Rushmoors occupy much of an otherwise fertile plain. To the north of the marsh, the dark recesses of the Dim Forest cause even the most stalwart travelers think twice before entering among the tall trunks and dangling tendrils of moss.

Only a few years ago, a group of adventurers opened a small caravan track through the previously untraveled Dim Forest. This track connects the town of Hochoch with Gran March’s thriving capital of Hookhill. The track cuts through a narrow finger of the forest, and traders have to take precautions against the marauding creatures there. Ogres and goblins have been reported, often in large and bloodthirsty bands, and only lucky or well-armed caravans can expect to make the journey in safety. Orlane itself was founded nearly a generation ago, when explorers from Hochoch reported that the land between the Rushmoors and the Dim Forest seemed to be extremely fertile. Soon after the arrival of the first farmers, a temple to the chaotic good goddess of agriculture, Merikka, was erected, and thus, the village of Orlane was born.

The land here proved to be very rich, often producing crops half again as large as those grown in more mundane soil. Orlane quickly grew into a thriving community of 300 people. Occasionally, the settlers were harassed by bands of humanoids from the forest, or strange, scaly creatures from the swamp. These farmers were hardy folk, however, and were not intimidated by a few raids. Instead, they organized a well trained militia to meet the assaults of the monsters with cold steel. The humanoids soon learned that Orlane was a village best left alone. Throughout the past year, the population of Orlane has undergone a steady decline.

Many farmers have packed their possessions and, for unknown reasons, migrated to other, less fertile areas. Some homes have simply been found abandoned, with food on the table or crops withering in the field. No explanation has ever been offered for these strange disappearances. Sometimes the families have returned in a week or two, and other times they have never been heard from again. The friendly character of Orlane has vanished as those who remain .have become suspicious of the strange occurrences. Families have drawn in upon themselves, rarely conversing with their neighbors. Now, strangers in Orlane are more often met with questions and challenges than friendly invitations. Something sinister is at work in Orlane!

You have been in town only a few hours when you receive a summons to appear before Morgan Uthmanor. When you arrive at the manor house you are showed into a comfortable study with a large fire place on one wall. A middle aged man sits behind a rather large desk that is situated in the center of the room opposite the grand fireplace. Several other people are seated in the room two are seated in overly stuffed ornate chairs and two more sit together on a wooden bench next to the door. They greet you as you enter the room.

” Now we can begin.” says the middle aged man seated behind the desk. You detect a hint of annoyance coming from the man that you can only assume is Morgan. ” For those of you who may not know me I am Morgan Uthmanor a businessman and citizen of Keoland.” He is lavishly dressed in silks and fine leathers, his fat stubby hand reaches for a silver bell resting on the desk near a stack of yellowed scrolls and a couple of leather bound books. You notice a rather large signet ring on his ring finger; the crest is not one you recognize so you do not dwell on it any further. The bells tone reverberates all over the room and quite probably down the hall as well.

” My man will be here shortly with a trey of refreshments for you.” He speaks to the group as whole when he says this ” You are no doubt wondering why I have asked for you to come here” The door to the study opens and the old man you saw from before enters the room carrying a large silver platter upon which sits a crystal bottle and a few glasses. ” This brand of sprits is known as Brandy in my homeland would you care for a glass?" After the glasses are handed out and the dark amber liquid is poured into each glass Morgan continues. ” I am in need of a few brave souls to undertake a small task for me.” Morgan downs the contents of his glass in one swift gulp and places the empty container back on the desk, it is promptly refilled by the butler who waits silently in the background.

” My wife’s older sister resides in Orlane, a small farming village nestled on the fertile plane between the Rushmoors and the Dim forest half way between here and Hookhill." he pauses to make sure each of you are listining " My wife has not had any correspondence with her in over two months, that combined with the rumors that seem to be running ramped around town have given her cause to worry, I would implore you to travel to Orlane and inquire as to her current situation." Morgan rubs the top of his head as he speaks. " The road is dangerous that is why I have asked for a group of hearty adventurers such as your selves to undertake this job for me. I can pay the group a grand total of 250 silver upon your successful return with news of my my sister-in-laws status.”

He smiles and unrolls a scroll ” This is a standard contract stating that you will go to Orlane seek out my wife’s sister discern her condition then return with the news, it also states the amount of money you will be paid when you return." He pauses and pours himself another drink. " There is a accidental death clause that states that I will cover the cost of any burial or any healing you may require upon your return.” Morgan hands the paper to one of the other adventures seated in front of him along with a ink quill. ” If you agree to those terms make your mark or sign your name at the bottom of the contract."


This is a First edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Game and will be set in the World of Greyhawk
Allowed Books:
Players Handbook
Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide
Unearthed Arcana
Greyhawk Adventures Hard Cover Book
The World of Greyhawk Boxed set (1980's)

I would like you as players to be able to post at least twice a week with me posting as much as is needed to keep the game flowing smoothly.
Starting Gold is per the Players Hand Book.
Max hit points for every level gained.
*****Revised 9 December 2014*****
This game has had some players go missing I am looking for three people to fill the open slots, Posting rate varies but I try to post at least twice a week. Depending on Player posting rate that may be more or less. Right now we have the following
Elf- Magic User/Thief
Half-Elf Fighter/Magic-User
Half-Elf Fighter/Cleric
I would like to see some other races represented if possible.

Crunch has not changed from original Advert

Application deadline: December 23, 2014
Applcations submitted so far are as follows

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