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First off, this would be my first time DMing a game on this site, just want to put that out there. I have played in quite a few games on this site and others and feel im ready to step up and try on the mantle of DM. If anyone would like to help and Co-DM that would be much appreciated. Pm me if interested.

So the campaign Idea goes like this. The players are members of the army of a nation that has been at war for a short time with a vast empire trying to swallow up all its neighbors. You have been assigned to a special task force dedicated to doing specialized missions to aid in the war effort(I.e weaken enemy forces before an assault, kill off important commanders/spellcasters, damage the infrastructure of the empire). This Empire is the classic evil empire with slave trade and ruled by a group of priests of a dark god. The missions will be strategic, and will require rudimentary tactics at a minimum.

Imagine a dragon flying over a military encampment and dropping 4 troops with feather fall cast, with the mission of killing the commander and then getting an airlift out(maybe teleporting out, depends on the level).

Example of the power level. We are using Frank and Ks tome

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