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  • Created Feb 22 '11
  • Last Post May 4 '11 at 4:18am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Call of Cthulhu

Game Description

April is off to a terrible start this Spring in Arkham, as passing motorists spotted a body washed up along the shore of the Miskatonic River. Local police were notified and immediately cordoned off the area, keeping back onlookers and reporters. Several hours later police released a statement that the body belonged to young Arron J. Evans, an elementary school student at Hubbard Public School that was reported missing the day before by his mother, Ms. Charlotte Evans. The boy had not been on the return bus from school even though his mother had watched him get on the bus going to school that same morning.

The shocking nature of the case has sent a ripple through Arkham, though police have gone to some lengths to keep the details of the case quite rather than start a panic. After two weeks the case was closed, the investigating officers stating that the boy most likely decided to play hooky from school and ran off when the bus dropped him off at Hubbard. After that he must have decided to play by the river, fell in, and drowned. The parents of Arkham breathed a collective sign of relief, satisfied in the knowledge that this was a freak accident and not a sign of things to come.

But that answer doesn't sit right for some, most of all the victim's mother. She insists Arron was a quite, good boy who would never play hooky. He still slept with his night light on and was afraid of deep waters. None of the official story sounded like her Arron, not to mention the state of the body...

You are a person investigating the death of young Arron Evans, a 4th grade student of Hubbard Elementary. You've been contacted by Arron's mother, begging you to help her find out what really happened to her son. Though she has been trying on her own she is a hysterical wreak currently living with her neighbors. You're reasons for helping her are you're own, maybe you are a family friend or just a concerned citizen. As a last ditch effort Ms. Evan's is also willing to hire people to help her, offering a substantial sum.

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