Dead End Hunt: The Cheiron Group

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 26 '11
  • Last Post Aug 11 '11 at 11:18pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

"You wanna know why I work for T.C.G.? Fine, I'll tell ya, but Iím gonna need to be a lot drunker. Okay so itís August 2008, I love my job as a security guard at the factory. Then the, whadda ya call it, the crash hits and Iím out of a job. 2009 still no job, had to sell my car, and my unemployment is running out. Iím stumbling home from this very bar and some sort of giant bug thing jumps me. Iíve got its head bashed in pretty quick, and a Cheiron cell shows up, and they offer me a hundred bucks for the thing. I talk them up to 300, and ask if there are any more of these things I can find. They chuckle, say hell yeah, and give me a card. Now Iíve got a swarm of metal bees in my arm, cash in my bank account, and more nightmares than a dog has hairs. So, thereís my story, now how about that drink?Ē

ďWhy do I work for Cheiron? Who are you H.R. or something? I work for them because they pay me. WellÖ okay listen. Are you from H.R.? Really? You have to tell me if you are man. Itís the law. Okay fine. I work for them because they own me. Terrible thing to say, but itís true. Iím more monster parts than man now. And if I quit then all of those parts are gone. Company property and all that.Ē

ďWhy do I work for Cheiron? Mind your own damn business thatís why.Ē
Characters requested- 3 or more
Dead End- a game about bad luck, worse pay, and the occasional dismemberment
How to join- post here, or send me a PM
Materials needed- Having the core hunter book, Hunter: the Vigil, is definitely going to be useful.
Materials allowed- Any hunter book, nothing from mirrors.
Character Creation- You canít have resources or status Cheiron Group above 2, at character creation. Your application should look like this

Iím sure there will be questions, so ask away!

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