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Once again, the gods rain down unjust vengeance upon the poor citizens of the lands. The cities are writhing with crime and despair. The undead roam the lands, eating the living and growing their numbers. Demons step from the shadows and seduce the pure and innocent...

And you have a damn business to run.
One year ago, the three of you sat down in the Tavern of the Opulent Orc (Although it wasn't opulent at all, the dump) and in your drunken stupor came up with some big business plan...or really just a way to get money for illegal...ahem....magical drugs and a place to smoke them. Whatever your reasons, finally the three of you ponied up the money and have yourselves a shitty little estate in Sunrise Plaze. A plaza brimming with the stores and restaurants owned by the scum of the earth, situated near a beautiful debris-filled ocean.

What you sell or offer is up to you.
How well you do depends upon the fluctuating markets and your business choices.
Can you manage your prices, rowdy goblin customers, and your quirky partners in crime?

Sunrise Plaza uses the DnD 4e system and has a focus on economics, adventure, comedy, and role-playing all in a fantasy setting.

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