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1190, 20 years into the Reign of Empress Iweko I

The seldom visited Temple of Natsu-Togumara, the Fortune of Travel and Experience, is situated by the nearly abandoned villages that once served the bustling traffic going through Beiden Pass.

Despairing at the falling conditions over the last 40 years, the monks at the temple have been spreading word of their plans to sponsor groups of young samurai who wish to build shrines and temples at the remote villages in the Mountain Regions. It's hoped the increased traffic from Musha Shugyo's will spurn increased interest in the decaying area.

The average rice farming village tucked into one of Rokugan's many small mountain valleys in the Spine of the World mountains holds little attention from the Great Clans. Not even tax collection is worth the trip into the wild and savage mountains. Really, it's the perfect place for a young samurai who seeks to prove himself.

The Monks say each young samurai seeking aid from the Temple of Natsu-Togumara will burn scrolls as offerings at the temple before they journey forth.

The first scroll answers the questions "Which fortune do you petition for aid as you begin your new life as Samurai?" and the second "To what fortune will you build a shrine?"

The second scroll answers the question "When you build your shrine are you leaving something behind or taking something with you?"

The third scroll is "What knowledge do you seek?"

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